IASCA Holds Specialized Course on Institutional Risk Management in Iraq



BAGHDAD - The International Arab Society of Certified Accountants (IASCA) is holding a specialized course on Institutional Risk Management in Baghdad, in collaboration with the Association of Iraqi Banks for a number of employees representing various Iraqi banks.

The training course was prepared in accordance with a training plan set by IASCA after identifying special financial and supervisory training needs in the Iraqi banks, considering present situation and the capabilities of the cadres, taking into account the objectives aimed to be achieved by their management. The plan comprises many stages and a study of credit risk, market and other operations.

The main objective of institutional risk management is to support the public management and board of directors, so that they can correctly identify risks and effectively reduce them, based on accurate measurement of risks and assessment of procedures, methods and tools through adopting a sound approach of monitoring and follow-up all over the sector, which will alleviate possibilities of incurring losses and reduce financial losses when they occur. 

Institutional risk management is an organized approach for managing risks. It aligns the institution’s strategies, procedures, employees, technology and knowledge for the purpose of effectively analyzing, evaluating, identifying and managing the potential risks that face the institution's business.